Care and Use

The BreadPots are made of strong stoneware clay fired to Cone 10 2350 degrees F. Used as instructed your BreadPot should last through many bakings. Please take care.

BreadPot Colors

BreadPot Earth Colors

Pre-heat  the pot with the oven. Avoid damage from thermal shock. We recommend that you heat your BreadPot by placing it in the cold oven and heating it to the recommended 450-500 degrees for the No Knead baking method. Let the BreadPot heat up to blazing hot inside while the dough is rising. Also cool it slowly; do not put the hot pot in the sink or on anything cold or wet. Let it cool on the stove top or inside the  oven. Of course remember to use gloves or pads when removing and replacing the lid or taking the BreadPot out of the oven. I forgot…once!

The clay is unglazed and so will develop a patina of use.  Use the BreadPot only for baking, not for mixing or rising. After use it may be wiped out or rinsed and dried. Avoid soaking or dishwasher as some water may be absorbed into the clay wall, weakening the BreadPot. Avoid banging the pot against the sink or oven or anything that will cause an invisible hairline crack to begin and later develop.

Warranty: Throughout ceramic history most pots used for baking or cooking have met their demise. This is what has kept potters in business for thousands of years across many cultures. Occasionally a BreadPot will break on first or early use. If this happens we will replace it  within 6 months of purchase. After that we will use our discretion.
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