Do you do custom designs? I do.  How long it takes will vary depending on where  we are in the firing cycle. Contact me or request a custom inscription.

How do I take care of my BreadPot ? Most important is not to shock the pot with heat or cold, bang it or drop it. Read here:  Care and Use

Do I need to oil it? No. To keep bread from sticking, lightly coat the dough  with flour before placing it in the heated BreadPot.

Do I mix my dough in it? No. It is for the baking.

What to do if I break my BreadPot or lid? Contact me. We can try to find or make a lit to fit.  Read  here: Broken Baker

Can I cook in this pot on direct heat? No, for oven use only. My clay has not been tested for stove top use and may crack. Other potters make flameware.

Can I put the BreadPot in the dishwasher?  You can, but there is a risk… Even though these pots are vitrified, they still have some absorption. If the pot is soaked and then heated up, the water in the walls will steam; the pot will weaken and sometime later a crack may appear. I prefer to wipe it out after it cools, occasionally washing it in the sink is okay.

How to I learn to bake no knead bread?  It is very popular and there are books and internet resources. I have a page describing the method and giving a few recipes. Read More: No Knead Bread Recipes

What recipe is inscribed in the lid? The average BreadPot is sized for a 3 cup loaf.  A white flour bread will fill the space. For whole grains, it will be smaller. I have gone up to 4.5C with my rye recipe. Some of the pots have a recipe inscribed using sgraffito technique: 3 C Flour, 1/2 t yeast,  1 t salt, 1.5 C water.