The timing is perfect

breadpots with quotes

Timing is Perfect Spring 2016 special — $20 off customization.

The current batch of BreadPots is ready to customize, perfect to personalize your BreadPot order for wedding gifts, special quotes and requests for end of May delivery.
Sorry this sale has passed.

BreadPot with custom inscription
BreadPot with custom inscription
wedding BreadPot
Wedding BreadPot

Standard BreadPot


breadpots with quotes
A jug of wine, a loaf of bread and thou.

BreadPots with recipe
BreadPots with Recipe in Lid

Word of Mouth Marketing

Thanks to you, the BreadPot project has grown by word of mouth, and some very nice media coverage. If you have not seen them, click on Michael Piazza‘s cool video and the Fire Clay Flour article by Andrew Janjigian in Edible Boston Fall 2012.

It is satisfying to participate in bringing people to baking bread using this simple method and simple tool. It is challenging to work through the design and production issues. It is pleasure to custom paint a wedding BreadPot. It is exciting to interact with bakers all over the world.  It is rewarding to mentor and help new potters to get a start.  And the bread is yum.

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I don’t like being marketed to. I shut down and play dead. I am reluctant to spend my time to do that to others. I do, however, want to get the BreadPots out of the kiln and into your ovens. Getting holiday orders in early helps us plan.

Please share the simple joy of baking bread in a hand made, well designed  baker.
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Gift a BreadPot to someone. Forward this email. Call your mother.

Contact me if you need another payment method, have a special request, want to pick one up at the studio, have a question. I won’t be in the studio on Small Business Saturday, but think of us and place your order early.

I am grateful for your interest and support. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving. Only eat the good bread.

Fresh BreadPots image
Fresh from the kiln